Monday, February 25, 2013

Week 4

Ryan has spent the past 5 days in Arizona. He has already had some interesting experiences.
Here are a few highlights from his e-mail...

* The members here are so awesome!!  I'm gonna get fat! Everyone is so nice.

* Our area is huge, it's about a 45 minute bike ride to one of our areas, 25 minutes of that is riding through cotton fields. 

* We are over 3 wards, we spent 8 hours at church yesterday! It was ridiculous.

*  I think 50% of the members are hunters! I have already met 5 who are full time guides.

* My first day here...I almost died! A pit bull atacked me!! I was on my bike and it ran out and started chasing me, it went right past Elder Arndt and Elder Atkins and went for me! I peddled my bike so fast. It was nuts.

* We spent Saturday doing service for a lady. She has tons of animals. She has about 50 half llama half camel things, 38 dogs, 20 pigs and 8 ostriches, tons of chickens and at least 3 ponies. We helped her and this coming Saturday she is getting baptized!

He said he would be sending home a sd card today so hopefully in a few days I will have pictures.

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