Saturday, March 2, 2013

mid week update

Yesterday I received a letter from Ryan as well as a SD card. Most of the pictures were taken at the MTC. He has promised to send pictures from Arizona next week. He said he has already gotten quite sunburned. He said sunscreen is too expensive. Not to worry though, as soon as Kamie heard this she quickly sent him a package with 3 different kinds of sunscreen, so he should be set. Ryan is doing GREAT!

Elder Carroll's mom (from Hawaii) made the missionaries in Ryan's district each a tie.
Elder Kirton & Elder Webb sporting their Aloha ties.

Elder Kirton and Elder Kirton

More Aloha ties...

More ties...

Breaking out of the MTC

Arriving at Salt Lake International

We wondered how Ryan was going to carry all of his luggage, looks like he figured it out.

Last look at the Utah mountains

Ryan's house in Arizona

Ryan's new mode of transportation.

Ryan says, " Thanks so much for everything and Never forget that I love you!"

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