Thursday, March 21, 2013

Week 7

Ryan is doing GREAT!

A few highlights from his week...

*Ryan and his companion had dinner with a sister. She was so impressed with him that she wanted to call me and tell me how wonderful Ryan is. Ryan is not allowed to give out his home phone number so I didn't get a call, so I guess I will take his word for it.

* Ryan is teaching at least 5 investigators. He also is working with new converts as well as a few less active members. He loves them all!

* A man had Ryan and his companion pull off the road and asked them to give him a blessing.

* There was a shooting in Ryan's neighborhood. He said someone got shot and died. The place was surrounded with helicopters and policemen. Ryan was thankful that he and his companion weren't working out outside that morning. His famous words, 'Don't worry mom, I'm safe."

*Ryan said he might get called on a new mission July 1st. The church announced a new mission in Gilbert, Arizona. Gilbert is currently in Ryan's mission. He said they are expecting his mission to be split and several of the missionaries to be called or transferred to the new mission. He is excited to see what happens.

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