Saturday, January 25, 2014

Finally an update...

It's been a long 7 months.
Ryan just had his third surgery.
We are all hopeful that this surgery will be his last.
Ryan has suffered physically a bit these past few months. 
However, he remains strong and faithful.
Ryan has spent most of his time home with his family and
talking his dog for really long walks in the mountains.

Last week his cousin Jade returned home from his mission to Mexico.
It was great to welcome home Elder Carr.

 We had a family picture taken a few months ago. 

We got a new puppy. Ryan named him Fish.

Ryan's friend, Kody, is serving a mission in Honduras.
 His mom brought cardboard Kody over to take a picture 
with Ryan for Kody's birthday.

Ryan's brother turned 30

Ryan was able to go with his brother and dad on a hunting trip. 
Rick had the tag and Ryan did the spotting. 

...know thou, my son, that all these things shall give
 thee experience, and shall be for thy good.
Doctrine & Covenants 22:7

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Surgery is done!

Ryan had surgery today. He is experiencing quite a bit of pain, which is normal. He was told to stay down  for 3-5 days.   In a couple of weeks he will see another doctor to check his spleen.  The doctor estimates that it will be 6-8 weeks and then Ryan can head back to Arizona.  It has been great fun to have Ryan here, however, he is anxious to get back out in the mission field.  Ryan wasn't really up to having his picture taken, but I did get a few shots.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

he's home

Elder Kirton arrived safely. Doctors appointments have been scheduled and 
surgery should be next week. Please pray that Elder Kirton will have a
quick recovery as he is anxious to get back to Arizona. 

Monday, July 1, 2013

surprising news

I was driving home from work Friday night and I got a call from Ryan. I think I almost ran off the road. He said, "Mom, I'm coming home, I need surgery." By now I am getting really sick. He proceeds to tell me that he has been quite sick and that he has been in quite a bit of pain. He has been into see a few doctors and had a few different tests ran. So far he has an enlarged spleen and the urologist found something that needs surgery asap. No one seems to know what is causing his spleen to be enlarged and further testing will be needed when he returns home. I talked to Sister Howes (the Mission Presidents wife) yesterday. She said that she feels really bad as Elder Kirton is terrific, fabulous and an outstanding missionary. She also said that he should be home for 2-3 months because of the surgery that he needs. She also said that he will return to the Gilbert mission when he recovers.  Ryan's new mission President arrived yesterday and supposedly getting Ryan home is firsts on his list. We are now waiting to hear when he will arrive. Please remember Elder Kirton in your prayers. We are hoping for a quick recovery. Pictures and updates to come...

Update: Elder Kirton's mission president just called. He said that he just met with Ryan. He said that Ryan was out preaching the gospel even though he wasn't feeling well and even though he is leaving Arizona early in the morning. He said we should be very Proud as he is an outstanding young man. Elder Kirton will arrive in the morning. The mission President said that he is excited to get Ryan back to the Gilbert mission as soon as possible. We will meet with a doctor later in the week to get things rolling.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Week 19 & 20

Ryan has been so busy that he hardly has time to write a letter. Last week were transfers and he thought he might be transferred, but he wasn't. He is staying in the same area, which means as of July 1st he will be in a new mission. He will be serving in the Arizona Gilbert Mission. He loves where he is and would happily stay there for another 6 months if he had to.  He and his companion get along great. He said that he reminds him of his cousin TJ. He feels like he is hanging out with an old friend. Ryan already has his release date and with the new mission he will be leaving Arizona about 4 weeks early. He has mixed feelings about that, but figures things will work out the way they are supposed to. Ryan has has a few baptisms these last few weeks. I cannot post pictures of the members so I cropped the picture to show Ryan on one side and his companion on the other. Just know that there is someone standing between them. All is well for Ryan, if he could change anything the only thing he would change is the temperature. It is getting hotter every day!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Week 17 & 18

Ryan had another great week. He had 2 baptisms last week and another on
Saturday.He has been busy! He taught Relief Society last week,
this week he gave a talk in Sacrament Meeting and also taught
Sharing Time in Primary. 
He says that it is getting really hot, like miserably hot.
 He is really missing the snow and the mountains. 
This coming Sunday are transfer calls again.
He said he probably will be transferred but he can't say for sure.
He is fine with whatever happens. 
Every P day the Sister missionaries want the elders to come
with them on an early morning hike. 
He said the sunrises and the sunsets in Arizona are fabulous. 
Ryan is doing GREAT!
He doesn't have much time to write letters so he wanted me to remind his friends that can email him at 

Monday, May 27, 2013

Week 16

I wasn't expecting an email until tomorrow, since the library is closed today. Ryan was able to go to a members house and write today. He seriously loves the members there. They would do anything for the missionaries.
Here is what he had to say today...

Yo yo yo! Whats up mommy? How have you been? Dad told me they were busy, that’s awesome!  Everyone here that is in construction is hurting so always be grateful for the work.  Everything is so good here. I  have never been so busy. Everyday its like there’s not enough time in the day  to do everything we have to get done. I have a lot of baptisms coming up, one on the 8th one on the 22th and one on the 29th.  Tomorrow we are going on splits cause we have so many lessons to teach. This never happens here, to be so busy and teaching so many people, but its good it makes time fly. Did Rick really draw out for the Paunsaguant? That’s so awesome, just my luck, you tell him to buck up and shoot a monster! Too bad the 3 best deer scouts aren't going to be there to scout for him. He just won’t shoot one quite as big.  haha   I crashed on my bike this week, too bad I didn't break anything cause then we would have gotten a car to drive. I love it here and I love you. Don’t worry about me, I am having the time of my life. The people here are so awesome.
I love you mom!
Elder Kirton

We have a missionary wall in the kitchen. Ryan's nieces and nephew are in charge of keeping his countdown chart updated. It looks like he has been gone 118 days.

I guess Claire was too short to reach the chart, so she just stuck her jewels on the wall.
Thanks to all of you who continues to pray for and support Ryan. 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

a little catchin up

Elder Kirton is having an awesome time in Arizona.
A few weeks ago his companion as well as one of the Spanish Speaking Elders
in his house were transferred. His new companion is from California. 
I don't have a picture of his new companion yet, however, 
I did get to see him (via Skype) on Mother's Day.
It was great to see and talk to Ryan on Mother's Day.
He looks happy! 
In fact, he said he loves his mission so much that he doesn't miss home anymore,
except HUNTING, of course.
Elder Kirton said that he is still the same person, yet he has changed so much.
He has learned so much.
He has said that he opens his mouth to speak and words come out
that he has no idea where it came from.
(actually he knows exactly where the words come from.)
This past Sunday the High Counselor didn't show up so Ryan was asked to
talk in Sacrament meeting just as it was getting started.
He said he isn't even scared anymore. He happily accepted the assignment.
A few weeks ago it was Ryan's sisters birthday. Her name is Kristen.
Kristen passed away almost 3 years ago.
He had some advice for me as her birthday was approaching...
"Mom, I know May 3rd brings mixed feelings, it does for all of us. It brings a lot
of happiness, sadness and lessons. Just more feelings than I can explain. But I know  for myself as I turn to the Atonement and turn to the Lord, those feelings are turned into happiness, 
that's why I am out here. 
This week just focus on her laugh."

Another famous quote from Elder Kirton this past week...
"I'm a free spirit roaming the desert teaching people and I love it!"

These pictures are from a few weeks ago.

an early morning hike on P Day