Thursday, June 27, 2013

Week 19 & 20

Ryan has been so busy that he hardly has time to write a letter. Last week were transfers and he thought he might be transferred, but he wasn't. He is staying in the same area, which means as of July 1st he will be in a new mission. He will be serving in the Arizona Gilbert Mission. He loves where he is and would happily stay there for another 6 months if he had to.  He and his companion get along great. He said that he reminds him of his cousin TJ. He feels like he is hanging out with an old friend. Ryan already has his release date and with the new mission he will be leaving Arizona about 4 weeks early. He has mixed feelings about that, but figures things will work out the way they are supposed to. Ryan has has a few baptisms these last few weeks. I cannot post pictures of the members so I cropped the picture to show Ryan on one side and his companion on the other. Just know that there is someone standing between them. All is well for Ryan, if he could change anything the only thing he would change is the temperature. It is getting hotter every day!

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