Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Surgery is done!

Ryan had surgery today. He is experiencing quite a bit of pain, which is normal. He was told to stay down  for 3-5 days.   In a couple of weeks he will see another doctor to check his spleen.  The doctor estimates that it will be 6-8 weeks and then Ryan can head back to Arizona.  It has been great fun to have Ryan here, however, he is anxious to get back out in the mission field.  Ryan wasn't really up to having his picture taken, but I did get a few shots.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

he's home

Elder Kirton arrived safely. Doctors appointments have been scheduled and 
surgery should be next week. Please pray that Elder Kirton will have a
quick recovery as he is anxious to get back to Arizona. 

Monday, July 1, 2013

surprising news

I was driving home from work Friday night and I got a call from Ryan. I think I almost ran off the road. He said, "Mom, I'm coming home, I need surgery." By now I am getting really sick. He proceeds to tell me that he has been quite sick and that he has been in quite a bit of pain. He has been into see a few doctors and had a few different tests ran. So far he has an enlarged spleen and the urologist found something that needs surgery asap. No one seems to know what is causing his spleen to be enlarged and further testing will be needed when he returns home. I talked to Sister Howes (the Mission Presidents wife) yesterday. She said that she feels really bad as Elder Kirton is terrific, fabulous and an outstanding missionary. She also said that he should be home for 2-3 months because of the surgery that he needs. She also said that he will return to the Gilbert mission when he recovers.  Ryan's new mission President arrived yesterday and supposedly getting Ryan home is firsts on his list. We are now waiting to hear when he will arrive. Please remember Elder Kirton in your prayers. We are hoping for a quick recovery. Pictures and updates to come...

Update: Elder Kirton's mission president just called. He said that he just met with Ryan. He said that Ryan was out preaching the gospel even though he wasn't feeling well and even though he is leaving Arizona early in the morning. He said we should be very Proud as he is an outstanding young man. Elder Kirton will arrive in the morning. The mission President said that he is excited to get Ryan back to the Gilbert mission as soon as possible. We will meet with a doctor later in the week to get things rolling.