Thursday, March 28, 2013

Week 8

Ryan spent a few days last week in bed. He was quite sick with flu symptoms.
His companion called a member and they quickly delivered  some
chicken noodle soup. Ryan is continually saying how great the members are. They would do anything for the Elders. Ryan received a blessing later in the week and he seems to be doing better. 
They are teaching an investigator who loves to play basketball. The elders are trying to put a team together so they can play but he said they are having a hard time finding anyone to play. He is teaching someone else who wanted to go to the Easter Pageant at the Mesa Temple. They were trying to make arrangements to take him there.  Transfer calls were Sunday and neither Ryan or his companion are being transferred.

A quick update...
My sister in law, Traci, just called, her neighbor, Bob Chidester, just called her. He is in Arizona and went to the Easter Pageant at the Mesa Temple. A missionary came up to him and said he recognized him, It was Ryan!!! Bob said that Ryan was happy and looked great! 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Week 7

Ryan is doing GREAT!

A few highlights from his week...

*Ryan and his companion had dinner with a sister. She was so impressed with him that she wanted to call me and tell me how wonderful Ryan is. Ryan is not allowed to give out his home phone number so I didn't get a call, so I guess I will take his word for it.

* Ryan is teaching at least 5 investigators. He also is working with new converts as well as a few less active members. He loves them all!

* A man had Ryan and his companion pull off the road and asked them to give him a blessing.

* There was a shooting in Ryan's neighborhood. He said someone got shot and died. The place was surrounded with helicopters and policemen. Ryan was thankful that he and his companion weren't working out outside that morning. His famous words, 'Don't worry mom, I'm safe."

*Ryan said he might get called on a new mission July 1st. The church announced a new mission in Gilbert, Arizona. Gilbert is currently in Ryan's mission. He said they are expecting his mission to be split and several of the missionaries to be called or transferred to the new mission. He is excited to see what happens.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Week 6

Ryan feels like his talk in church last Sunday went well. He said he talked for 20 minutes and could have talked longer. He said things there have been a little slow but they seem to be picking up a little. This past week he also had the opportunity to go to the temple.

Ryan sent me lots of pictures...

I have no idea what this is...

Ryan looks GREAT!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Week 5

Ryan continues to do amazing! They had a baptism last Saturday. He said that the confirmation the following Sunday in Sacrament Meeting was also great. He also had an opportunity to share his testimony. This coming Sunday Ryan is giving a 20 minute talk in Sacrament Meeting. Every day he reads a conference talk. He has asked that several of us read this talk by President Uchtdorf.
Ryan also told us to have more fun and not to worry so much. He suggested we go camping!  In President Uchtforf's talk he suggests 3 things we can do avoid some of the deepest regrets of life,

~Resolve to spend more time with those we love.
~Resolve to strive more earnestly to become the person God wants us to be.
~Resolve to find happiness. regardless of our circumstances.

A few highlights from his letter...

* I have gotten so sunburned that I am actually sick.
* We ride at least 30 miles on our bikes every day.
* A member brought us pizza! That was really a treat.
* The members here are so nice to us. It's hard for me to accept all they want to do for us and give us. A member cut my hair and would not take money for it.
* I think you and dad should move to here! It is so nice here, I love it! 

Saturday, March 2, 2013

mid week update

Yesterday I received a letter from Ryan as well as a SD card. Most of the pictures were taken at the MTC. He has promised to send pictures from Arizona next week. He said he has already gotten quite sunburned. He said sunscreen is too expensive. Not to worry though, as soon as Kamie heard this she quickly sent him a package with 3 different kinds of sunscreen, so he should be set. Ryan is doing GREAT!

Elder Carroll's mom (from Hawaii) made the missionaries in Ryan's district each a tie.
Elder Kirton & Elder Webb sporting their Aloha ties.

Elder Kirton and Elder Kirton

More Aloha ties...

More ties...

Breaking out of the MTC

Arriving at Salt Lake International

We wondered how Ryan was going to carry all of his luggage, looks like he figured it out.

Last look at the Utah mountains

Ryan's house in Arizona

Ryan's new mode of transportation.

Ryan says, " Thanks so much for everything and Never forget that I love you!"