Wednesday, May 22, 2013

a little catchin up

Elder Kirton is having an awesome time in Arizona.
A few weeks ago his companion as well as one of the Spanish Speaking Elders
in his house were transferred. His new companion is from California. 
I don't have a picture of his new companion yet, however, 
I did get to see him (via Skype) on Mother's Day.
It was great to see and talk to Ryan on Mother's Day.
He looks happy! 
In fact, he said he loves his mission so much that he doesn't miss home anymore,
except HUNTING, of course.
Elder Kirton said that he is still the same person, yet he has changed so much.
He has learned so much.
He has said that he opens his mouth to speak and words come out
that he has no idea where it came from.
(actually he knows exactly where the words come from.)
This past Sunday the High Counselor didn't show up so Ryan was asked to
talk in Sacrament meeting just as it was getting started.
He said he isn't even scared anymore. He happily accepted the assignment.
A few weeks ago it was Ryan's sisters birthday. Her name is Kristen.
Kristen passed away almost 3 years ago.
He had some advice for me as her birthday was approaching...
"Mom, I know May 3rd brings mixed feelings, it does for all of us. It brings a lot
of happiness, sadness and lessons. Just more feelings than I can explain. But I know  for myself as I turn to the Atonement and turn to the Lord, those feelings are turned into happiness, 
that's why I am out here. 
This week just focus on her laugh."

Another famous quote from Elder Kirton this past week...
"I'm a free spirit roaming the desert teaching people and I love it!"

These pictures are from a few weeks ago.

an early morning hike on P Day

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