Friday, February 15, 2013

Week 2

Counting today, Ryan has 4 days left in the MTC. He can't believe how fast time is flying by.
Last weekend, just as Ryan's teeth were starting to feel better, both he and his companion came down with the flu. They spent a day or two in their room recovering. They are both finally feeling better, however, a few of the other Elders in their district are sick now. Ryan said Elder Shepard was very sick a few nights ago. Ryan was asked to give him a blessing. He said he was scared, but the spirit was strong and it went very well. He was grateful for the opportunity. Ryan will leave the MTC very early Tuesday morning. He said  19 elders are traveling with him. Some are staying in Arizona and others are going to Texas. I am excited as he is allowed to call home from the airport. I am so excited to talk to him!

A few highlights from Ryan's letters:

* Ryan has come to love the MTC
* He has made some friends there that he is going to have a hard time saying good bye to.
* He said that a he and a couple of the elders have became good friends, almost like they have known each other all of their lives.
* He met an elder from Arizona who is an avid elk hunter. Ryan plans to meet up with him in about 2 years.
*Ryan is hoping that you can use Clorox 2 on colors, because he just dumped a whole lot in with all of his clothes. ( He said that their was a picture of colored clothing on the box, so it must be alright.)
*Ryan would like Richard to buy a cabin lot in Deer Springs. (that's a funny one, at least we know Ryan is still Ryan)
*He claims that he runs the MTC
* Ryan has learned so much these past 2 weeks. He is becoming more confident in Preaching the Gospel and he looks forward to arriving in Arizona and getting to work.
* He is grateful for all the letters and packages that he has received. He feels loved!

I didn't get any pictures this week, however, these pictures were from last week. At least we know that he is well dressed.

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  1. Hello to all,

    I felt prompted to come on here and just say that Ryan is doing amazing right now. I have had the blessing of teaching him at the MTC. I have seen him grow and become a powerful teacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He impressed me by his humility and his maturity.

    Tonight we had a very powerful lesson on the Atonement and he shared his experience of what he went through with his sister. It was very touching and deepened my appreciation for the atonement and the Saviors plan for us. He is going to work miracles through the Christlike attributes he has. His family should be so proud and excited for this journey. He is going to bring many unto Christ.