Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Week 3

I'm anxiously awaiting word from Ryan as to where he will be assigned. It was fabulous talking to him yesterday morning. He sounded really great! I watched his flight status on the internet and shouted for joy when his plane landed in Arizona yesterday morning at 10:01. He should have spent last night with members and returned back to the mission home this morning for meetings and to receive his assignment. He received a comment on this blog and I wanted to make sure and share it, so here it is...

Hello to all, I felt prompted to come on here and just say that Ryan is doing amazing right now. I have had the blessing of teaching him at the MTC. I have seen him grow and become a powerful teacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He impressed me by his humility and his maturity. Tonight we had a very powerful lesson on the Atonement and he shared his experience of what he went through with his sister. It was very touching and deepened my appreciation for the atonement and the Saviors plan for us. He is going to work miracles through the Christlike attributes he has. His family should be so proud and excited for this journey. He is going to bring many unto Christ. 
Brady Schvaneveldt

Half of Ryan's district left Monday morning. Most if not all of these elders were going to Texas.
He said they gathered Sunday night to say goodbye. He also said that he cried like a baby. It was very difficult to say goodbye as they have become such great friends. He also said that they sang "God Be With You Till We Meet Again" and at that point they all started crying.

A few highlights from his letters this past week

*Ryan had some heartfelt prayers answered and miracles happen, his reply,
"I love Heavenly Father!"

*He wants everyone to know that he loves them! He wishes he would have had time to call all of his family and friends Tuesday morning, but there just wasn't enough time so he wanted me to tell of you that he loves you! 

*He is encouraging his sisters and brother to teach their children the stories in the Book of Mormon. He said  to make sure that they are learning one story a week. He cannot stress enough how important it is to learn the doctrines of Christ.

* a final message to Richard and I...
mom! dad! do not worry about me!! go and do! what Jesus needs you to do!!

And now for some pictures...

Impersonating Elder Webb

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