Thursday, February 7, 2013

Week 1

Ryan's favorite scripture this week is 
Psalms 23:4
"Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me."

Ryan has needed that comfort as he has been suffering with a tooth ache all week. Last August when Ryan was filling out his mission papers we had extensive dental work done that took several months. Finally his work was finished and he turned in his papers. Not long after, his teeth began hurting. I took him to a different dentist, he informed us that the other dentist had made several major mistakes. The new dentist fixed as many of the problems as he had time for. We thought all was well until the past few days when Ryan's teeth started hurting again. 
Ryan went to the medical office at the MTC and they scheduled him an appointment with his dentist in Sandy. A Sr. Service Missionary gave him a ride to the dentist yesterday. I was able to meet them there! The dentist had bad news, one of Ryan's teeth had abscessed and needed a root canal immediately. They scheduled him an appointment with an endodontist near the MTC in Provo. The Sr. Missionary took Ryan back to Provo and he did have the root canal yesterday. Ryan sent me an e-mail this morning and said that his tooth was still hurting, but with the antibiotics and pain meds he hoped to be feeling better soon. He will be back up here to the dentist Monday to have a crown placed. 
As Ryan was leaving the dentist, he turned to me and said, "Bye, I love You! I'm going back to my new home to be with my new family." Then he laughed and laughed. 

Some highlights from Ryan's letters this week
* I am spending about 12 hours a day in class. I am learning so much. We are teaching some investigators, it puts a lot of pressure on me, but I love it!
*Everyone in my district keeps getting mad at me because I get a package almost every day and about 4 letters a day, they don't get any.
* I have about 22 letters to write today to all of the people who have written me.
*My district is so awesome there is 11 of us, all elders no sister. We pretty much run our zone cause the zone leaders are all in my district.
*I'm so happy I am going to Arizona, Arizona is perfect!

Ryan didn't say anything about going to the temple, but according to the pictures, I'd say he went. Ryan has been able to meet up with several of his friends. Tod is in the same residence as Ryan so they meet together every night. 

Ryan, Kody and Tod (Kody arrived in Honduras Monday night.)

It looks like they found Elder Linton

Ryan and Elder Nick Linton

Ryan's district

A peek inside of the dorm. 

Ryan's district

Kamie asked Ryan to take pictures of his meals. It looks like he listened...
I've always wondered what the food was like at the MTC, 
Now I guess we all know.
I think Ryan is surviving on cereal, orange soda and powerade.

I also received a letter from one of the missionaries in Ryan's district. 
He had this to say about Ryan...
"I am so very grateful for your son and his charity and kind heart. I am the first of my family to head out on a mission and being the first I seemed to have forgotten a few things. Your son has taken care of me. I am so appreciative of him! He is a great young man called of god."     Elder Carroll

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