Wednesday, January 23, 2013

the call

Ryan received his call on December 5, 2012. Both he and his cousin, Tod, turned their papers in on the same day. They both received their calls on the same day. Our mail comes earlier in the day than Tod's, so they were at my house around noon waiting for the mail to come. They were really funny as they would run out to the driveway and look down the street to see if the mail man was coming. Finally the letters arrived. They planned to open them later that night.

Early that morning my mom called me. She said, "Ryan is going to Arizona." I didn't think much of it until he opened his call to the Arizona Tempe Mission. My mom said that she woke up that morning and knew that is where he was going.

Ryan and Tod played rock-paper-scissors to see who would go first. Ryan lost so he went first. When he first opened his call he thought it said Arizona Temple. He was a little concerned, but only for a few seconds until he read Tempe. Tod opened his letter next, he was called to the
South Dakota Grand Rapids Mission. Both of these calls were truly inspired and fit the personalities of both Ryan and Tod. Tod leaves today, January 23 and Ryan will leave next Wednesday, January 30.

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