Thursday, January 31, 2013

leavin on a jet plane

Yesterday was the big day. Ryan was to report to the MTC at 1pm. When he woke up there was an excitement to his step. Ryan walks through the house singing quite often. Yesterday he was singing "I'm leaving on a jet plane." He pretty much sang it all morning. He finished packing his bags and then rolled them to the front door. He soon said. "let's get out of here!"

We planned to meet Ryan's brother, sisters and their families at Olive Garden for lunch, It was a great place to meet and several other missionaries were there with their families too.  I was grateful to once again be surrounded by all of my children. I know Kristen was also close. She loved Ryan and I am sure she is watching over him. After lunch we met at the Provo Temple grounds for pictures. After pictures, Richard and I drove him across the street to the MTC. We were hoping to see Tod but he was no where in sight. We dropped Ryan off at the curb. We both waited until Ryan was gone and then the tears came. It was a long quiet drive home.

I can hardly wait to hear from Ryan. I told him I expect a letter at least by Friday. We'll see how that goes.

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